Find Jira Tickets Faster

Published 11 Oct 2020 · 1 min read
Use this simple little trick to make finding Jira tickets faster.

A short blog post for today. Just wanted to share a neat trick my colleague showed me recently to find Jira tickets faster, given that you know the ticket number.

Add Custom Search Engine

To start, open Chrome Settings by clicking on the 3 vertical dots icon from the top right corner of Chrome, then select Settings. On a Mac, Settings can be launched with Cmd + ,. Then click on Search Engines from the left menu option. I'm intentionally not including screenshots as Chrome changes the layout regularly. From the options that appear, select Manage Search Engines. Then click Add button to add a new search engine. Fill in the form as follows:

Search engine: Jira

Keyword: Your project code, for example, if Jira tickets on your project look something like ABC-123, then enter abc in this field.

URL: Your company's Jira URL, for example The %s is the key here, this will get replaced with the actual ticket number when doing a search.

Use Custom Search Engine

With this setup, you can simply type in the Chrome address bar: Project code, for example abc, then tab. This will change the address bar to a Search bar. Then type in the ticket number, for example 123, then Enter. This will replace the %s defined earlier in the search url with the ticket number and navigate to


If you work in any mid or larger size company, there's a good chance you have to use Jira. It's kind of meh, but at least in this one small way, finding tickets can be more efficient.